First and foremost, driving to school, and utilizing the school parking lots and property are considered a privilege for students. Therefore, students who drive a vehicle to school are expected to do so safely and in accordance with school policy. Student vehicles are to enter and exit the school grounds through the north drive only. The south drive is strictly limited to buses for loading and unloading purposes. Students may park their vehicles in the designated student areas located east of the high school entrance. Students ARE NOT to park in spaces designated for staff, individuals who are handicapped, or in the bus loading/unloading lane in front of the high school. Vehicles must be parked between the painted space lines, and must be driven at no more than 10 mph while in the lot. Vehicles should be driven safely and must yield to pedestrians. Students who do not park within designated spaces or operate their vehicle safely, while on school grounds, may be subject to disciplinary action including the suspension of driving privileges.

Students who drive to school must register their vehicle(s) with the high school office and pay the required parking fee.

The school is not responsible for student vehicles, possessions left in them, or anything attached to the vehicle. STUDENTS PARK THEIR VEHICLES ON SCHOOL PROPERTY AT THEIR OWN RISK. Students should be aware their vehicles are not protected in any way in the parking lot, and items of value should not be left or near an unattended vehicle.

Students should also have no reasonable expectation of privacy in vehicles parked on school grounds. School lots may be searched by contraband dogs, administration and police officers. Students should be aware items and spaced on school grounds are subject to search and view by others, and that prohibited items discovered during the course of a search may result in discipline, including but not limited to, expulsion from school. Video cameras may be active in parking lots and may be used for the purposes of investigation into student misconduct. Discipline for misconduct includes all disciplinary measures in the student discipline code and/or withdrawal of parking privileges.