Rules of Conduct

Thoughtfulness, cooperation, consideration for others, and a friendly approach will prob­ably insure a student in getting along with teachers and classmates. Students should always be respectful to school staff and other students.

General Rules

1. Students are to walk in an orderly manner in the halls (keep to the right)

2. Students are not to talk loudly in the halls.

3. No gum chewing on school property. No spitting allowed on school property.

4. Snowball throwing is not allowed on the school grounds or to or from school, or at the bus stops.

5. No running or loitering on the sidewalks.

6. Students are to walk their bikes in and out of the bike rack.

7. Students are to refrain from walking on the grass, except in play areas.

8. Students will be called from class or given messages only in case of emergency.

9. When students are dismissed from the cafeteria, they are to go directly to the gym or playground area. They are not to reenter the building until permission is given by supervising personnel.

10. Backpacks with rollers are not allowed.

The Courteous Thing To Do

In the Halls:

1. Remove hats or caps on entering the building.

2. Avoid running or sliding in the halls.

3. Keep to the right in the halls.

4. Refrain from whistling, shouting, and loud talking.

5. Close lockers quietly.

6. Be pleasant to everyone.

In the Classrooms:

1. Be seated quickly.

2. Avoid talking after the bell rings.

3. Give and take criticism in a kindly spirit.

4. Listen politely to both the teacher and fellow students.

Playground Rules

1. Students are NOT to bring equipment from home unless they have permission from the Principal.

2. Students are not to stand in swings, jump from swings, or swing double.

3. Students should go down the slide feet first in a sitting position.

4. Students are not to climb on playground equipment other than the climbing bars, or to hang upside down!

5. Only rubber balls will be allowed on the blacktop. Softballs and/or bats are not blacktop toys.

6. Students are not to go into the street for any purpose without first obtaining permission of the teacher on duty. No one is to climb over or crawl under the fence.

7. The teacher on duty will exercise his/her own judgment on prohibiting games which appear to be dangerous, (such as tackle games).

Recess Gym Rules

1. Students are not to participate in the following activities: Tag games; Bombardment (unless supervised); keep-away; pushing; or gymnastics.

2. Students shall not leave the gym without permission.

3. During physical activity, street shoes are not allowed on the gym floor.

4. Only approved equipment will be allowed in the gym.

5. Students shall not become involved in any activity which endangers the safety of other students.

6. Students borrowing equipment are responsible for the return of it.


It is each student's responsibility to display qualities of good citizenship. A student’s best conduct is expected in the halls, in the cafeteria, on the playground, in the classroom or when arriving and/or leaving school grounds. All teachers want students to become good citizens. Students may expect teachers to compliment and/or reward good behavior. They will give special emphasis to honesty, morality, and courtesy. Obedience to law, respect of our country's flag, appreciation of the Constitution of the United Sates, respect for parents and home, and recognition of the dignity and necessity of honest labor are characteristics desired and expected of all students. Owners of property adjacent to the school and adjoining streets have a right to expect no trespassing on their property, so students should respect other people's property.

Leaving School

Any child who leaves school during the day must secure permission from the Office. The student's parent or guardian must complete the office sign out sheet. If a child has a change in their normal after school destination and/or normal mode of transportation (such as bus route, after-school care, athletic practice) a note from home must be brought to the school office and the parent must call the bus garage if the student normally rides a bus. All bus changes must be made by noon. If the student does not have a note, the student will have to follow their normal designated routine.

Teacher Requests

Parent requests for a specific classroom teacher will only be considered when, in the opinion of the building administrator, an improved educational program or unusual circumstances would warrant such placement.

Field Trips

Students will ride the bus to and from field trips with their teacher and class. Students will not be signed out from their trip. Parents/Guardians will only be allowed to ride the bus if teacher requested. Students will not be allowed to ride to or from field trips with their parents/guardians. Students may only ride home with parents if the field trip ends after school hours. Failure to follow the rules will result in the loss of future attendance at field trips.

School Library

1. Students may check out only one book at a time.

2. Library books may be checked out for two weeks. After two week books will be considered overdue. At the end of the quarter, the student must pay for any books that are not returned. Notices for overdue library books will go home every Friday. Report cards will be held at the end of each quarter for overdue books not returned.

3. All library books and materials should be treated with care. If a book is lost or damaged, the student who checked it out must pay for its replacement.

4. Students are required to use regular rules of classroom behavior while in the library.

Party Invitations

Party invitations or correspondences may not be handed out at school unless they are given to each child in the classroom. If it is a party for girls or boys only, then all girls or all boys must receive an invitation if handed out at school.

Electronic devices/Toys

Toys are not to be brought to school, except for "Show and Tell" sessions, and these are not to be played with at any other time. If toys are brought to school, they can be confiscated. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING such items, including but not limited to, footballs, baseballs, basketballs, bats, collections (trading cards, coins, etc.) Electronic devices used on the school bus or before or after school, are not to be visible or used during the school day, without teacher permission. The school is not liable for damaged or stolen toys or electronics.