Frequently Asked Questions
How long can I check out books and magazines?
You get to keep books and magazines for three weeks (15 school days). These items can be renewed twice if you bring them to the library. Reference books are checked out overnight. Stop by 7th hour or after school to check out a reference book and return them first hour.
How many books can I check out at a time?
Students are allowed to check out up to 20 books at a time. If multiple students are working on the same topic, students may be limited in order to share the resources.
Does the library charges fines?
Yes, but not right way. We notify students during homeroom if they have an overdue book and give a two day grace period to resolve the issue before we resort to fines which are ten cents a day for books. We don’t charge for weekends, holidays with no school, or days students are sick. Please let the librarian know if you have been absent so we can eliminate those fines.
How do I turn in my book or magazine?
Please hand it to the librarian or drop it in the book drop. That is considered returned.
Where can I find yearbooks from years past?
The library has copies of yearbooks from Blue Mound, Macon, and Meridian. Please feel free to stop by and look up your memories.
What are the library rules?
There are only three rules:
  1. Be doing something productive
  2. Do it in a way that allows other students to get their work done
  3. Be respectful
When is the library open?
The library is open during the school day.